Unifor Canadian Council

Over this past weekend, our Vice President and Treasurer attended the first Unifor Canadian Council in Vancouver on behalf of Local 567. This was a very exciting event that marked the first anniversary of the creation of Unifor. The Canadian Council is the body that governs the union between constitutional conventions and is supplemented by Regional Councils in British Columbia, the Prairies, Ontario, Quebec and the Atlantic.

In total, over 1400 members attended the Canadian Council. We discussed a number of issues of vital importance to the labour movement including the 2015 federal election, violence against women, good jobs, trade agreements, the local union taskforce, the health accord and the future of medicare, equity issues and health and safety. Speakers included Danny Glover, Stephen Lewis, Tom Mulcair and Linda McQuaig.

Below, you’ll find a number of excellent videos highlighting the work that Unifor has done over the past year and an overview of the Canadian Council meeting:

Unifor’s First Year

Women Making Change

Solidarity and Pride

Canadian Council Saturday Highlights

Canadian Council Sunday Highlights