Executive Board, Officers and Committees

The Executive Board is responsible for the governance of Unifor Local  567 between general membership meetings. The board’s current term of office is February 2023 to February 2026.

Executive Board Members

Alex Aucoin (CUASA unit)
Email: unifor567pres (at) gmail.com

Vice President
Don Wright (Amnesty International unit)
Email: vpunifor567 (at) gmail.com

Jaye Horton (CUASA unit)
Email: unifor567.treasurer (at) gmail.com

Recording Secretary
Hanan Mankal (CUASA unit)
Email: unifor567recsec (at) gmail.com

Chief Steward
Alex Aucoin (CUASA unit)
Email: unifor567steward (at) gmail.com

Other Officers

Organizing Liaison (non-voting)
Hanan Mankal (CUASA unit)

Email: unifor567organizing (at) gmail.com

Community Chapter Coordinator (non-voting)

Trustees (2)
Trustee: Roger Desjardins (Council of Canadians unit)
Trustee: Vacant


Human Rights and Political Action Committee
Chair: Don Wright (Vice President; Amnesty International unit)

Members: Vacant

Organizing Committee
Chair: Hanan Mankal (Organizing Liaison; CUASA unit)

Members: Vacant