Unit Stewards

Below you will find a list of current Stewards for each Unit of the Local. In accordance with Article 13 of the Unifor 567 Bylaws, Stewards act as representatives of the Local in each workplace, ensuring issues of members are brought to the Executive and that the activities of the Local are communicated to the membership. Stewards ensure Collective Agreements are being followed and, in conjunction with the Executive, work to address any violations or issues arising from its application.

Members are encouraged to contact their Unit Stewards with any questions, including any issues that arise in their workplace. If your unit does not have a Steward, please contact a member of the Executive Board. If you are interested in becoming a Steward, please contact President & Chief Steward, Alex Aucoin, at unifor567pres (at) gmail.com.

Unit Stewards

Amnesty International: Nancy Cameron

Canadian Centre for Policy Alternatives: Stuart Trew and Letisha Toop

Canadian Federation of Nurses Unions: Tyler Levitan

Canadian Health Coalition: Steve Staples

CUPE 2424: Vacant

CUPE 4000: Vacant

CUPE 4600: Vacant

Carleton University Academic Staff Association: Hanan Mankal and Jaye Horton

Council of Canadians: Christina Kruszewski, Vi Bui, and David Ravensbergen

Ecology Ottawa: Susan Hickman

Harmony House: Trysh Smith